Pool Borate Calculator

Pool Borate Calculator

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Pool Gallons: 0

Current Pool Borate: 25

Desired Pool Borate: 40

Recommended 30-50ppm

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Adding Borates to the pool can make maintaining balanced water chemistry easier. Benefits attributed to borates are a more stable pH, reduced chlorine demand, softer feeling water, higher water clarity, and acts as an algaecide.

CAUTION: Borates can be TOXIC when ingested in large quantities by animals like cats and dogs.

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More About Borate

Every pool is unique and has its own chemical demands based on many variables. Because of this results with using Borates will very. Some users may see a drastic increase in clarity and chemical stability while other users experience little to no change at all.

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In addition to the potential gains in pool water clarity and chemical stability, there are other things to consider like the additional costs and the another chemical to monitor and balance. Using Borates in the pool does not eliminate the need to monitor other chemical levels. Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Stabilizer, Salt PPM and any other chemicals used in the pool water will still have to be tested and balanced regularly.

Tips About Borates

Are Borate Safe?

An article published by Service Industry News on 10-15-16 reporting on the NSF recent findings indicating high levels of Borate use in swimming pools can lead to a lifetime cancer risk of about 5 in 10,000. Extreme care should be exercised when using borates.

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