Pool Fill Time Calculator

Pool Fill Time

How long does it take to fill a pool?

Adjust sliders to calculate pool fill time.

Pool Gallons: 0

Fill Water GPM: 9 GPM

The average garden house delivers around nine gallons per minute.

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The time it take to fill the pool all depends on the flow rate of the water and the size of the pool.

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Filling The Pool

When filling the pool its important to know the source of the fill water. Well water and city water will have different impacts on the chemical balance when filling or adding water to the pool. After adding water to the pool it is important to test and re-balance the pool water. The amount of chemical balancing can be reduced by filtering the water before filling the pool.

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Finding Pool Flow Rate

Best way to find the flow rate of your fill water is to use a meter. Depending on what you're using to fill the pool the meter will vary. If using a carden hose check out the flow meter below.

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