Pool Turnover Rate Calculator

Pool Turnover Calculator

A Swimming Pool Chemical Calculator

Adjust sliders to calculate pool turnover rate.

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Current Flow Rate: 55 GPM

Flow rate is measured by a flow meter normally installed on the return line after the pool equipment.

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Turnover rate requirements will vary by local health codes. Industry standards recommend a minimum target turnover rate of 6 hours and a minimum of 2 turnovers per 24 hours. The pool turnover rate is important for proper filtration. Not cycling enough water through the filter can result in swimming pool algae blooms, cloudy pool water and water balance issues.

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More About Turnover Rate

One turnover only filters 37% of the water. After a second turnover, 86% of the water has been filtered. It takes four turnovers to filter 98% of the pool water. Many commercial codes require a minimum of 4 turnovers per 24/hr.

Different water use has different filtration needs. Therefore they have different recommended target turnover times. The volume of water, activity and contamination load need to be considered when factoring the optimal turnover rate.

Recommended Turnover Targets:
  • Swimming Pools: 6 hours
  • Hot Tubs / Spas: 30 minutes
  • Special use Pools: 1-3 hours
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