My First Pool Store Adventure: A Newbie’s Guide to Pool Supplies

My First Pool Store Adventure: A Newbie’s Guide to Pool Supplies

As a proud new owner of a backyard swimming paradise, I couldn’t wait to dive in and start enjoying my pool. But then reality struck—taking care of a pool requires more than just a hose and a pair of goggles. So, I set out on an exciting adventure to the local pool store, armed with nothing but determination and a hefty dose of cluelessness. Here’s my guide to navigating the world of pool supplies, so you too can be ready to take on the challenge of pool care.

  1. Test Strips and Kits

The first thing that caught my eye in the store was an array of colorful test strips and kits. It turns out, these are essential tools for every pool owner. These handy helpers allow you to monitor your pool’s chemical levels, such as chlorine, pH, and alkalinity, ensuring that your water remains safe and comfortable for swimming. I grabbed a pack of test strips and a liquid test kit for more accurate readings.

  1. Pool Chemicals

Feeling like a mad scientist, I ventured into the world of pool chemicals. Here’s a rundown of the essentials I picked up:

  • Chlorine: This disinfectant kills bacteria and keeps the water crystal clear. I opted for chlorine tablets, as they are easy to use and dissolve slowly, providing consistent sanitation.
  • Shock: A pool shock treatment breaks down contaminants, such as algae and bacteria. It’s important to shock your pool at least once a week, so I grabbed a bag of shock to get started.
  • Algaecide: This helps prevent and treat algae growth, ensuring my pool remains a pristine oasis rather than a slimy swamp.
  • pH Increaser and Decreaser: These chemicals help maintain the ideal pH level of 7.4-7.6, which keeps the water comfortable and protects pool equipment.
  • Alkalinity Increaser: This helps maintain the proper total alkalinity, which stabilizes pH levels and prevents corrosion and scaling.

  1. Pool Equipment

Next, I encountered the vast array of pool equipment. With the help of a friendly store employee, I picked up the following essentials:

  • Pool Skimmer: This net-like tool allows you to scoop leaves and debris from the water’s surface, keeping your pool looking pristine.
  • Vacuum: A pool vacuum is crucial for cleaning dirt and debris from the pool floor. I opted for an automatic vacuum for a hands-free cleaning experience.
  • Pool Brush: A sturdy brush helps remove algae and grime from pool walls and floor, so I picked up a brush with nylon bristles for my vinyl pool.
  • Telescopic Pole: This adjustable pole attaches to your skimmer, vacuum, and brush, making it easy to reach every corner of your pool.
  • Pump and Filter: The heart and soul of pool maintenance, a pump circulates water through a filter, which traps dirt and debris. I chose a sand filter for its low maintenance requirements and ease of use.
  1. Pool Accessories

To top off my pool store adventure, I grabbed some fun pool accessories, including:

  • Floating Chlorinator: This nifty gadget dispenses chlorine tablets while floating around the pool, adding a touch of whimsy to my pool care routine.
  • Thermometer: A floating thermometer helps me monitor the water temperature, ensuring it’s perfect for swimming.
  • Solar Cover: This energy-saving accessory helps retain heat and reduce water evaporation, so I’ll spend less on heating and water bills.


My trip to the pool store was a whirlwind adventure filled with new discoveries and essential supplies. With my newfound knowledge and arsenal of pool care products, I’m ready to tackle the challenge of pool maintenance and enjoy my sparkling, inviting oasis all season long.